SpotASport - not just another social network, but a community for people who enjoy sports at all levels. It helps you develop healthy habits, keep a track of your own progress - all while having fun and meeting other people with the same interests as yourself. SpotASport targets people of any age, gender and level. We bring people together; private as well as companies, making SpotASport environment open and beneficial to both parties. More activities - more joy!



Discover sport events around you, or set up events and invite your friends to join. Public or private event? You decide.


Compete with friends and/or other users national or international. Create your own or join open competitions. Who will win?

New connections

Add a user to your friend list to stay updated on his/her activities. Meet other participants at events and make new friends.

Lots of fun

Being active and social at the same time is a lot of fun. SpotASport keeps you away from getting bored. Do sport and have fun.

Why SpotAsport?


Event Match: Through event matches, we will inform you whenever an event with your favorite sport is created. You decide how far from you we should match your interest.

Searching: We give you an opportunity to customize the search for event according to your wishes. Adjust for search for event after sport, age, gender, level, date, time and more.

Competitions: We give you the possibility to track your own activities. Follow your own progress and compete against other users from all over the world.


Branding: Let your brand, product or service reach thousands of sports-minded active people, by targeting your activities according to your needs..

Socialize: Engage socially with your customers and showcase your products directly to them by creating events that bring people together in a healthy and new way.

Attract: Let potential customers know about your company, by creating exciting national and international competitions, using your products and services as a prize.

Meet our amazing team

Improving this world and peoples habits - that is what we are striving for.
Our mission is, by using our creative ideas, thinking in new ways and focusing on development, to bring different aspects of sports closer to people.

Kamil Hedegaard CEO Founder

Michael Schjerbeck

Michael Schjerbeck CTO Co-Founder

Jamal Hajjaj CMO Co-Founder

Tania Broni

Tania Broni Translator / Proofreader

Jan Broni Project Advisor

Mikkel Weje Nielsen Graphic Designer



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